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Alexandra Maria P


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Nonilon Abao

16 mins. | 2019 | Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines | Filipino | Documentary


Years of destruction to the rich, ancestral land, culture, and relationships in Nueva Vizcaya by a large-scale foreign mining company has divided the people, but has also summoned the collective strength of the mountains and the community to rise up. The Didipio community of Twali-Ifugao indigenous people put their stakes in setting up a barricade and risk continuing the fight for their life, honor, and land.


Joseph Vincent "Xeph" Suarez

18 mins. | 2017 | Zamboanga, Philippines | Filipino | Drama


Astri is a 16 year old transwoman in a relationship with 17 year old Tambulah. Although it’s an unusual sight at the community where they live, nobody bothers them. Subsisting on the coins people throw at them when they perform their traditional dance at the sea, everything is perfect except that Sama Badjao traditions and a pact made long ago require Astri to marry a woman she hardly knows.


Mark Limbaga and Jay Rosas

23 mins. | 2019 | Philippines | Cebuano, Visayan| Documentary


Budots swept the entire nation by storm. But few people knew that the dance craze originated in Davao City before it went viral on social media. An internet bum and a small group of people in his community started it all.


RoxLee, BlairCamilo, BobMacabenta

19 mins. | 2017 | Philippines | Filipino | Experimental


The film and its maker and protagonist take us on an idiosyncratic journey through the streets of Manila. It starts with a man painting a picture of a screaming figure based on Edvard Munch’s 1893 painting The Scream. He then makes a screaming doll, which is subsequently found by a screaming man and woman roaming around the heavy traffic streets. The film plays the music of screams in response to this land eroding from pollution.


Jan Andrei Cobey

19 mins. | 2019 | Philippines | Filipino | Comedy


The Slums is a mockumentary that follows a documentary team as they terrorize a family living in the urban slums of Manila. The film features the colorful lives of the Reyes family: Nayda, the family's loving mother with body image issues; Julio, the hardworking but not very bright father; Oliver, the fabulous son who wants to be a supermodel; Boy, the youngest and naughtiest child; and Pam, the feisty eldest child of the family.

The family TV is broken and as they struggle to fix it, they grow increasingly annoyed as the documentary team becomes more involved in their daily lives.


Glenn Barit

12 mins. | 2018 | Philippines | Filipino | Experimental


Nangungupahan follows the interwoven lives of people who occupy a single room of an apartment through different points in time. By overlapping these timelines, it hopefully gains some insight about the Philippines’ shared space and history, as well as the bigger structures outside the apartment that affect it. 

  • Runtime
    114 minutes
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    with English subtitles